B-visual photography

My name is Benaissa El Yamani and I have been active as a photographer for over 10 years. In 2018 I established B-visuals. I have always enjoyed working with people. The social contact, the interaction, the personal stories and the emotions ensure that I enjoy working. Photography has literally come my way. And photographing people appeals to me most. Bridal photography, a family portrait, New Born shoot or company photos: no shoot is the same and that makes the work very dynamic and versatile for me. As a photographer I am very enthusiastic about capturing spontaneous and playful moments.

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In my spare time I often go out with my camera to take pictures. Here I can express my creativity and so I continue to find inspiration. As a photographer, I am always keen on what's going on around me. By using what is available in the environment, each photo is different and innovative, but also tells its own story. My goal is that the photos I take will take people back to that one moment. Memories, smells, music, people, sounds, everything comes back when you see that one photo.

I also use professional lighting and flashes. I like to play with light and composition, so that elements in a photo can be beautifully highlighted and an artful and artistic effect is created.

Besides photography, I love traveling to see as much of the world as possible, motorcycling, fresh mint tea with lots of sugar, Maltesers, Korean pop music, fashion and tiramisu.


What you can expect from me is that I think along as best I can in the wishes that are there. I take a flexible approach and we discuss the options together. This is also possible during a non-committal conversation where the coffee and tea is ready with some sweets. During the shoot we take the time to take good quality photos. I think it is important that everyone feels comfortable and that we do not rush. After the shoot it is possible to select the photos together. The selected photos will be delivered in high resolution in both color and black and white via WeTransfer. Are there any questions in between? Feel free to call, email or app. I am satisfied if you are satisfied!

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